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Business English


Working with or in an international business can give challenges well beyond those of just language.

The problem that most advanced speakers have is not with language but with cultural issues. 


For example:


  • PRESENTATIONS - A brilliant presentation delivered to an Italian audience may fail with American managers.

  • RECRUITMENT - A CV developed on the Europass model will go straight in the bin in many parts of Northern Europe.

  • REPORTING - A written technical report, not appropriately structured may confuse in Britain.

  • SALES - An international sales campaign, that gets the balance between relationship and product benefits wrong, will probably fail.


These are just some of the points that will make a difference in an international business environment.


This is how we can help:

Working abroad

  • Applying for a job

  • Cover letters and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Key messages and USP

Selling & Partnering

  • Sales strategies and methodologies

  • Selling, Buying & Tendering processes in international businesses

  • Key Success Factors

Organisation and culture in International Companies

  • Drivers in NYSE listed companies

  • Accountancy Language for managers

  • The well resourced company - Training and interpersonal relationships

  • Self-improvement

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