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Good pronunciation leaves a lasting impression and is fundamental in English.


The greatest challenge Italians have to face when learning English is pronunciation. This is a problem which typically lies in the way English is taught, particularly in schools, where 'the sounds of English' are totally ignored. 


The result is that the majority of learners experience a feeling of loss and frustration as they can understand written English but not spoken English. 

Some other times the challenge is due to the fact that the students are not aware of the subtle differences among the sounds of English; the logical consequence of which is confusion and misunderstanding.


  • English is full of nuances: there are words that can be spelt in a different way, have different meanings but the same sound.

E.g. to, too, two


  • There are words with identical spelling but different sound.

E.g. lead (verb) /liːd/ - to show the way

       lead (noun) /led/ - a chemical element

  • Words with almost similar sounds.

E.g. ship​ /ʃɪp/ and sheep /ʃiːp/​


We teach Received Pronunciation through practical exercises and the use of phonemes; we highlight the differences among sounds to facilitate their recognition.


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