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Study, work and live abroad


English for Estate Agents

Do you want to be able to communicate effectively with International buyers, to see things through their eyes


"The best English school I've ever found. Maria Antonietta, mother tongue, is very patient and competent. I highly reccomended this school to everyone, from first steps to advanced." - Simone

EIO Connections

A VERTICAL approach to learning, built on topics & connections NOT exam levels, evolved from the way you learnt your 1st language.

Why this artwork?

We believe art can provide a window into the culture of a people, a common base of experience on which language is built, fundamental to real communication

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What we do

We provide English tuition, practice and consultancy to speakers of all levels from beginner to advanced. 

Fluency practice and lexis

Received Pronunciation

Contact Us

+39 335 527 4472

Via Cassia, 1777, Rome, Italy

We are operating online for now due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Also: Capranica (VT)

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