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Learn English through Cookery

Any Italian will know the importance of the meal as a social event, helping to understand people and build relationships.

Any Tourist to the UK will know there are certain British foods that stand out. 

Any Language student will understand the usefulness of food vocabulary and how it can be used as a vehicle to learn grammar etc. 

We like to make the English learning experience deeper through taking it into the home, indeed into OUR home. 

We have two offerings in our Casale in Tuscia (Capranica VT)

Casale IMG_20210719_223533.jpg

Offering 1. Cream Tea with us - 2 hours+ speaking English, discussing food and enjoying a full English Tea - High Quality Sandwiches, Tea, Scones, home made jams... Minimum 3 people.

Offering 2. Learn how to cook Signature British meals - an afternoon/evening event in English (can be in Italian) - menu designed together. Pies, Puddings, Sausages, home-made Liqueur... Minimum 3 people.

To learn more send us an email or Let's Chat.

In this section we also show a few key British food videos we have prepared, presented with English and Italian subtitles and (when YouTube allows it) will have Italian sound tracks added.

1. The English Cream Tea - Sandwich Loaf

We start with the "English Cream Tea" or "High Tea", in particular the "Sandwich Loaf", that is frankly a fundamental part of British life.

2. The English Cream Tea - Scones

In our second video we present how to make Scones, the small cakes that accompany the Cream Tea (High or Afternoon Tea) you will find in Tea Shops across the UK.


Typically eaten with Clotted Cream (the very thick cream we'll show in a later video) and strawberry or other jams, Scones are at the centre of the deeply loved tradition of Afternoon tea, the Tea culture that drives the consumption of 100 million cups of tea a day in the UK.

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