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Points of view on Brexit

A few friends continue to ask what is happening with Brexit, but perhaps the better but more difficult question is what is going to happen next!

Through the following videos and articles we would like to share with you the voice of some of the most eminent personalities of the political, economical and cultural scene in the UK.

In the first video Martin Wolf Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator for The Financial Times and Professor Guy Standing, Economist, Professor of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, talk, at the recent World Economic Forum, about “Europe after Brexit”, the crisis that will hit Europe and especially the UK because of Brexit.

Wolf and Standing speak clearly, but for those of you who have some difficulties, remember that it is possible to facilitate the listening by slowing down the video: just click on “settings” and reduce the speed.

The following two articles have particularly captured our attention.

The first is the article from The Guardian on one of the “nine lessons on Brexit”, held by Sir Ivan Rogers, The Former UK Ambassador to the EU between 2013 and 2017, at Liverpool University and at the European Institute of UCL London.

The lesson and its integral version are available, in a pdf format, on the UCL

(University of Central London) website

The second article is an interview with Kenneth Clarke, “Father of the House of Commons”, MP since 1970. He held important posts during the Governments of Lady Thatcher, Sir John Major and David Cameron: from Chancellor of the Exchequer to Secretary of State for the Home Office and Lord Chancellor and Justice, just to mention e few.

For many, as Jörg Schindler underlines, he could be considered as “The best Prime Minister the UK never had”.

Wishing you an interesting reading and captivating listening from the EnglishInsideOut team.

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